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Your success is ours

We help individuals, teams and organizations to achieve optimal performance, sustained growth and overall well-being.

Are you in a well-paid job but not satisfied with your career? 

Do you have the urge to create better impact?

Are you afraid of becoming irrelevant?

​Do you want to know what's holding you back?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Do you want to have a better balance in your life?

Are you challenged to motivate and inspire teams?

Do you aspire to be a better leader? 

If any of the above sounds familiar, let's talk!

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The pursuit of meaning!


Kharrthikheyan T N is the founder and lead coach of TNKEMPOWERS INC. He is an experienced global people development leader and a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Kharrthikheyan T N, fondly called Kharrthik, is an internationally certified leadership, career and mind mastery coach. He helps individuals and teams to navigate uncertainty, overcome roadblocks and achieve sustained success & wellness. He has coached and developed people across all organizational levels including the levels of Executive Director, Vice President and General Managers. He has coached clients living in different continents, working in varied industries on themes such as leadership effectiveness, career transitions and well-being & resilience.

Early in his career, Kharrthik was more energized by developing his team members than developing software. It was in those moments that he found his passion to help people learn, develop and grow.  Further, he consciously chose people development roles in his corporate career, which spanned 12 years as a global people development leader across the technology, financial services, and engineering industries.

Kharrthik commenced his full time coaching career when he lived in the Netherlands.  Currently living in India, he is a member and Professional Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation. His interest in Neuroscience spurred him to be a Social Cognitive Neuroscience certified coach. Pursuing his interest to understand more about the human mind, Kharrthik, as a Mind Mastery Coach, contributes in the mission towards eradicating mind illiteracy. He is also a certified Conscious Business Coach in Fred Kofman’s Conscious Business approach.

He has authored two eBooks titled “Succeed with Strengths” and “Rise with Resilience”. Kharrthik enjoys writing, loves being with nature and practices Yoga. He loves travelling, pets and the opportunity to understand different cultures. He values balance in life and loves to spend time with family and friends.

To have a chat and experience coaching with no obligation, book an appointment.

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The Approach

Be a Trusted Partner 

You feel safe to express yourself

Grounded in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology

Your success is our success

I am with you until you achieve your goals.

When you are your whole self, you thrive.

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Coaching Solutions

These solutions empower leaders, managers and professionals to navigate workplace challenges, excel at work, create impact, while leading a happy fulfilled life.

I coach leaders, managers and their team of professionals across geographies and from diverse industries on themes such as Leadership with lasting impact, navigating career transitions, professional development, mental health and well-being.

Standing Meeting

Leadership with lasting impact

Coaching conversations energizes leaders with new insights about themselves and their environment, which in turn empowers them to

  • engage, align and inspire teams,

  • navigate uncertainty and embrace change

  • nurture a values driven culture, which fosters innovation, inclusion and well-being

The above ultimately lead to better organizational agility, improved productivity, enhanced customer engagement and sustained business growth.

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Navigating Career Transitions

Whatever stage of career you are in, there may be questions like:

  • I see myself as a future leader. How do I become one?

  • I have taken up a new leadership role. How can I be effective?

  • I am in a dilemma between a corporate career and being an entrepreneur. How do I decide?

Coaching Conversations evoke insights that empower you to navigate the transition better, be effective and  make an impact.


Professional Development and Career Growth

Do you have questions:

  • “How do I accelerate my career growth?”

  • I am not satisfied. What can give me a fulfilled career?”
  • My career has stagnated. How do I reboot my career?

Coaching Conversations give clarity and direction to grow further and realize the career that you aspire for.


Mental Health & Well-being

Feeling stressed or anxious or overwhelmed?

Coaching conversations help to tap your ability to regain composure, be centered, resilient, authentic. This empowers you to thrive in every sphere of your life, in spite of uncertainty and challenges.

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Types of Coaching Services

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Informative Interview

One-on-one coaching

A series of personalized conversations that helps an individual to get clarity, find direction and discover meaning. The conversations are spread across several weeks and delivered in person or virtual.


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Client Stories

Clients share their experience of working with TNK

From large organizations to individual executives, TNK has coached leaders across levels from industries such as Consulting, Human Resources,  Engineering,  Energy & Utilities, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Technology, and Social sector

Isabelle Hasleder, Founder & CEO, HQ Leadership
India - Austria

Business Growth and Strategy

Kharrthik has supported me to achieve my business goals through the coaching process. There are so many private and business goals I pursue, that it is very difficult to take time and "think through" problems and define the vision clearly. Kharrthik has helped me gain more clarity of my goals and provided me with the very much needed thought process to solve a few critical problems in my life. Working with Kharrthik as a coach, I have gained a better understanding of my current situation and through powerful questions I could develop a stronger Vision for my business.  I am building up a new business unit - which was (before coaching) just a brief idea and has now developed into a solid business plan. He just gets the results out of you 👍"

Soundar Subramanian, Senior Project Manager, Cognizant; India

Career Transition and Professional Development

I wasn't happy with work;  taken couple of coaching session but had taken limited actions. During May to November 2019 my coach helped me to know my blind spots, let go my false beliefs, discover my strengths, in careful calibration of goals, successful closure of my goals and to be prepared for future unknowns. Kharrthikheyan understood me without judging and gave the space to open up. Things started to fall in place and here i am now with a new role. I am now more pleased with my employment, thats a big relief. I am moving ahead with peace and ease.

G.S. Grewal, Sr. V.P., Kubota

Leadership Impact

I had a very positive coaching experience with Mr Kharrthikheyan. The key benefit I received was getting the direction and clarity on what I want to achieve in my life (my goal) and how I need to align the teams towards the vision of the organisation so that all teams works as ONE. The support and regular followups I received from Mr Kharrthikheyan was exceptional and this made me work on the actions which I set for myself as well as showed me the power of coaching, which I will be exploring further with his support. He is a very gentle and kind person and this makes the coaching journey very pleasant and you feel encouraged to take action.

Rosmin Paul, Head- Talent Development, Schindler 

Leadership and Career Development

It was a great experience to be coached by Kharrthikheyan. I reached out to him through a coaching network. His ability to probe and help me arrive at my problem statement's root causes was amazing. Although it was my first time experience, i was able to establish a rapport easily and build trust for sharing, given his persona and warmth. The coaching conversation was effective in helping me derive an action plan from where we started off without even realizing this. The transparency and communication style adopted by him was very helpful. After the formal coaching was completed, Kharthik kept in touch to follow-up on my action plans and progress in my development journey. Overall, the experience was rewarding for me.

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