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Are you ready for your next Mercedes?

Did you want to buy a Mercedes and soon after noticed more of Mercedes on road? Have you wondered why? It was the placement season of my MBA days. Of all the companies, I wanted that unique role offered by one of the Fortune 500 companies. For the next three weeks, something strange started to happen. It was the same travel route, which I have been passing through for more than a year. It was the same mode of transport, which I had used for several years. All of a sudden, I s

Evidenced based Coaching helps you see results!

Evidence-based coaching is an approach to professional coaching practice grounded in proven science versus unscientific approaches. Anthony Grant refers to evidence based as the conscientious use of relevant and best current knowledge integrate the knowledge with professional practitioner expertise and make decisions about how to deliver coaching to clients As a coach, I leverage knowledge from positive psychology, adult learning, #neuroscience and integrate relevant practice

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