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You and I have a balloon of emotions. Learn how to regulate it!

The balloon was almost about to burst. So was Jo!

It was getting stormy at work. Her employer was laying off employees. The thought was making her feel horrible.

The previous night, her little kid was unwell. Kid’s cough could not let her sleep.

The past few days have been crazy. Her spouse was away on a business trip. #workfromhome along with kid’s online schooling took her to the brink of exhaustion.

She stepped out to get some fresh air. She saw the kids playing with balloons.

One of the kids got excited seeing her, came running with a smile and asked her to blow a balloon.

Jo was feeling low on energy but did not want to turn down the smiling kid.

She took a deep breath and pushed all the air into the balloon. Then she blew several gusts of air into the balloon. The balloon was almost about to burst. So was Jo!

Just then she stopped. She let some air out of the balloon, tied a knot and gave it to the kid. The kid smiled!

Like Jo, you and I have a balloon - a balloon of emotions.

Sometimes you may accumulate so much that you feel overwhelmed or stressed.

To feel light, some of the accumulated emotions have to be let go off or dealt with, in a constructive way!

Regulating your emotions helps to regain composure and be in a better of state of functioning in your lives.

Here are 3 ways to regulate your emotions:

1. Practice #Mindfulness: Ask yourself, “How are you feeling?” to be aware of the emotion and sensations in your body.

2. Do Your Calming routine: It could be a listening to soulful music, #meditation or a heartfelt chat with a loved one. The key is to identify what works for you.

3. Reframe self-talk: Do not resist but embrace the emotion by asking yourself “What can I learn about myself from this experience?”

When you feel too overwhelmed, you may need external help to tap into your inner resilience.

That’s the time to take expert help. A coach is one of the many experts who can help.

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